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Living in big cities nowadays has become quite difficult. Not only are they polluted by automobile exhaust gases and harmful products of enterprise activity, but there is an opinion that megacities are also overflowing with negative energy. The accelerated pace of life, endless flow of information, constant employment - all this contributes to the accumulation of fatigue, negative emotions, irritability, and sometimes aggression in people's bodies. But this is not at all a reason to go to the desert or forest wasteland in order to hide from people and civilization.

There are other, less radical ways. You need to learn how to properly distribute the load, take on important tasks, and find time for communication with friends, trips to nature, and sports. In addition, you can buy very popular and strong amulets that will help reduce the negative impact of magnetic radiation, protect against the influence of ill-wishers and negative emotions. Such a charm is called a Shambhala bracelet.

Shambhala is a bracelet made of multi-colored or identically colored beads (stones), fastened together by a special weaving of a strong cord. Such bracelets became popular a few years ago, and now they are among the most fashionable and stylish pieces of jewelry. Natural stones known for their healing properties and energetic power are used to create bracelets.

Браслет из янтаря

Shambhala bracelet - what kind of amulet is it?

Where did the decoration get such an unusual name? The original Shambhala bracelet is made of natural stones. According to legends, the country of Shambhala is located in the Tibetan mountains, about the existence of which many have heard, but no one has seen it. This blessed land filled people with peace, joy and harmony.

Once upon a time, the unusual bracelet of Shambhala was allowed to be worn only by people who achieved mental balance, but nowadays they are available to everyone without exception. And although modern bracelets do not have the magical power that was characteristic of ancient amulets, they also contain deep meaning and wisdom.

The Shambhala bracelet is known as a means of getting rid of fear, nervous tension and unnecessary anxiety. It brings happiness and luck due to the presence of natural stones in them, capable of repelling negative energy and attracting positive energy. Sometimes a person may not see the threat hanging over him, and then these magical stones serve as a talisman.

It is not for nothing that even Hollywood stars, including Demi Moore, Paris Hilton, and Ashton Kutcher, wear Shambhala bracelets. Public people know the damage of bad energy better than anyone else because they have experienced it many times. Sometimes it is enough to buy a Shambhala bracelet to protect yourself from depression, chronic fatigue or an inexplicable attack of aggression.

The power of natural stones: Shambhala bracelet with amber

In fact, trendy Shambhala bracelets get their wonderful properties from the gemstones they are made of. Natural stones are children of nature, which have been transmitting their powerful energy to people since ancient times. Minerals are used in the bracelets, which have a beneficial effect on the human body and are able to cleanse the body and soul.

Shambhala bracelet with amber is especially popular, as everyone knows that amber itself is very useful for wearing, and if it is used in a bracelet with a mysterious weave, then its properties are even more enhanced. The Shambhala amber bracelet will protect against evil, damage, all negativity, envy and anger. Wear it and difficulties will bypass you, and luck will come to your hands.

It happens that a person categorically does not believe in magic and does not recognize the healing properties of stones. In this case, you can buy a Shambhala bracelet as a fashionable jewelry with natural stones that play and shimmer in the sun, attracting many eyes.

Shambhala bracelets are equally loved by both men and women. They are perfect for many looks and styles. For daily use, you can choose several inexpensive bracelets with stones to match the outfits. If you want to wear an amulet during a celebration where there will be a large crowd of people, you can decorate an evening suit or dress with such a bracelet. For a festive outing, it is better to choose a more elegant version of the bracelet, for example, which attracts attention with its beauty with large amber stones, which you can buy in our TM "Yantar Polissia" online store!


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