Baby Rogue has three more teeth, a total of ten. She has lots of hair and she is taller and is able to move and hold her head more confidently. Baby Rogue is sitting up well and looking around and is wearing her amber necklace that helps with teething. Mummy Rosie says that Baby Rogue tries to pull herself up so it’s important to make sure Rogue is safe and doesn’t fall over or pull anything on top of her, especially hot drinks. Mummy prefers that people do not smoke around Baby Rogue.

All cleaning products in Rosie and Rogue’s home are locked away in a cupboard with a childproof lock on the door for safety. Baby Rogue enjoyed the children singing ‘Wind the bobbin up.’ Baby Rogue clapped along to the music and wiggled. The children recited a poem for Baby Rogue. PCSO Becky reminded us to watch out and be careful with hot drinks and not leaving a baby alone. When travelling in a car, Rogue has a car seat. When it is hot weather Rogue wears a sun hat, she drinks lots of water and stays mostly in the shade. In the bath it’s important that baby Rogue doesn’t slip over so she has a non-slip mat and a special seat to sit in.

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Thorplands Primary School joined the Northamption Primary Academies Trust on June 1st 2018. We work closely with NPAT to ensure continued high standards of values, behaviour and encourage everyone to go beyond the expected. This has become the school's mission statement: Work, Learn, Earn

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