We have had great fun in year 1 this week baking biscuits for the Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch. We even managed to take some home for our tea! We had great fun mixing the batter, rolling them out and watching them turn golden in the oven. The best bit was icing them and trying to paint a lighthouse on the top with food colouring.

We had to persevere to solve a tricky problem for Mr Grinling too as he broke the pulley system he uses to get the basket his lunch is in to the lighthouse and couldn’t remember how to fix it. He sent us a package of items like sticks, wheels, cotton reels and split pins and asked us to come up with a new pulley system he could use. We made a mess in the classroom but eventually worked it out by trying the pieces in lots of different ways. We did such a good job we all got a value card for perseverance in celebration assembly. Next week we are going to write him a letter to explain how to make his own pulley.

We are going out to spend some time in the secret garden this week as we are starting a new science topic investigating plants. We are going to work out how to make plants grow by carrying out a scientific experiment. Can you think of anything they might need? We are hoping for good weather but know we might need our wellies.

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