Everyone was so excited to visit the University of Northampton.  The children worked with a student as part of a creative project and at first the children and students were a little nervous but soon enough the children were touring the University Campus and completing a quiz.

‘We loved our certificate.’ 

‘There are some birds there flying around in an aviary.’ 

‘Some of the birds were from Australia.’ 

‘Our students were amazing, we look forward to them coming to our school.’

Baby Rogue came to visit us with Mummy Rosie.  We sang her the welcome song and found out Rogue had five teeth.  She was able to roll over too.  Mummy Rosie showed us all the different things that baby Rogue needed to keep her safe and cared for.  There were many different things in Rosie’s bag such as a thermometer, a clean nappy, baby wipes, teething gel, a bottle, a blanket and some clean clothes.  We enjoyed singing her song that we had learnt.

PCSO Becky read us a story called Suki’s Kimono and we had so much fun acting out a time when we felt proud.  ‘Our group acted out feeling proud when a baby sister or brother was born.’  ‘We showed how we were proud to run fast.’  ‘I pretended to be the teacher and the others were the children and they were proud because they did their English work really well.’  ‘We acted out a family in a park and I rode my bike for the first time.’  ‘We showed being proud by acting out learning to swim.’  ‘I pretended to be the Headteacher and award the attendance cup in assembly.’  ‘We pretended to be children learning to write for the first time, showing how proud we were to achieve lovely writing.’  After we acted out for Becky she said she was proud of us.


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