Baby Rogue was asleep when she came to see us.  Mummy Rosie explained Rogue goes to bed in a cot at 8pm.  Sometimes she snores.  She has a special cloth that she rubs against her face and sucks to comfort her.  We found out that babies need to be placed on their backs to sleep for their safety.  She is nearly crawling and drags herself along the floor.  Baby Rogue has a night time routine.  She has her dinner and a bath with her brother and has a bottle of milk.  Mummy brushes Rogue’s teeth and she like to roll around before going to sleep.  When she wakes up in the morning she makes a lot of babbling noises and wants to start to do things.  The children said, “It’s very important for babies to sleep so that they grow.”  Baby Rogue is chatting and babbling and will try and copy the sounds her Mummy makes. 

She can say mum, mum, mum and dad, dad, dad and laughs at sounds like raspberries.   Rogue can roll over and sit up.  She likes to eat all the food the family eats.  Rogue has nine teeth now.  Rogue uses her hands to eat, however if she eats a yogurt she tries to hold the spoon.  Her favourite food for breakfast is warm Weetabix and for lunch cucumber, mashed potato and peas.  She enjoys cheese, plums and strawberries.  Rogue drinks for bottles of milk each day.  Rogue has a sleep in the morning and another sleep in the afternoon and then sleeps all night long. 

Rogue likes to be rocked and cuddled to go to sleep.  When Rogue goes shopping with her Mummy she sits in the trolley seat and grabs at things.  Rogue loves her family dog and two cats.

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Thorplands Primary School joined the Northamption Primary Academies Trust on June 1st 2018. We work closely with NPAT to ensure continued high standards of values, behaviour and encourage everyone to go beyond the expected. This has become the school's mission statement: Work, Learn, Earn

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