Year 2 are really excited to take part in the Roots of Empathy project. PCSO Becky came to visit us and helped us to understand about the feeling of empathy. Becky helped us to learn how babies have different feelings and read us the story On Mother's Lap. Becky was taking care of a pretend baby. We are so looking forward to welcoming Mummy Rosie and Baby Rogue and seeing Becky again.

Today we met Baby Rogue and Mummy Rosie. We said hello by singing our Welcome Song and it made Rogue cry a little bit. Later we sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Rogue gurgled with happiness. PCSO Becky showed us how Baby Rogue can lay down on her tummy and follow the butterfly toy with her eyes. Baby Rogue was 62 cm tall and weighed 5.8 Kg. Mummy Rosie rocked Baby Rogue when she felt tired and upset and then Rogue became happier.

‘Mummy Rosie told us about Baby Rogue at home.’ ‘Rosie answered all our questions about Rogue.’

‘I was so excited when Baby Rogue came to visit us.’

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