The meaning of pictures according to Feng Shui

A modern person, when he has everything he needs for a comfortable life, tries to surround himself with various luxury items. Pictures are very popular among them. They help not only to decorate the interior of an apartment or house, but also bring aesthetic pleasure to the owner. However, few people know that pictures can affect our lives both positively and negatively. To explore a diverse collection of exquisite paintings that not only add beauty to your space but also radiate positive energy, visit

For example, there are icons that protect the home and bless it, there are paintings that add a positive mood to gray everyday life. There are also special pictures that can be used to resolve any dispute or, conversely, to inflame enmity. All this depends on the mood with which the author of the painting created his work, what emotions he invested in it. It is not for nothing that icon painters pray and fast before painting an icon.

Feng shui paintings have a great influence on human life. Some can bring happiness in personal relationships, others - career growth. In order to get what you want, you need to know which pictures can be placed in the apartment and in which place. If you follow the basic important rules, you can attract luck and joy to your home.

It must be said right away - in order for the picture to evoke good emotions and have a positive effect on fate, it is necessary to choose one that the future owner will like. If the subject of painting causes even the slightest anxiety in the buyer, you should not buy it and, even more so, place it in your home. Minimal negative energy will immediately worsen the owner's aura. Unpleasant feelings can be caused by what is depicted in the picture, or by the person who gave it. Such feng shui pictures will have a negative impact on life if left in the house. Even people who are not familiar with the teachings understand this. That is, in order for the newly acquired picture to help you reach certain heights in one or another business, you must take into account:

  • Whether the owner likes the item itself or not.
  • Does it have unpleasant images that bring negative emotions. You should not buy paintings with corpses, dying people, anything associated with death.
  • ​According to feng shui, it is better not to place abstractions in your home.
  • In adolescence, children decorate their rooms with various posters of skulls, grinning animals, and skeletons. It is necessary to draw their attention to the fact that such feng shui pictures can cause aggression and negative emotions.

    Фен-шуй квартири

  • In the room where the family spends a lot of time, you should not hang photos of dead relatives or images of inanimate idols. Such paintings are filled with yin energy. If you really want to, you can hang such photos in the office or in the library.
  • Pictures made of amber are endowed with good energy. According to feng shui, it is necessary to place such art objects in the west, southwest, northeast, northwest or central part of the house. If you hang such a picture in the dining room above the table, it will help to receive a powerful amount of blessed energy.
  • It is better not to hang pictures of dried insects or plants in the bedroom. This rule does not apply to products made of straw - such panels or applications not only provide coziness, but also help to keep the warmth in the relationship.

    Фен шуй в спальні

  • When visiting stores specializing in the sale of various feng shui accessories, you can see a large number of panels with images of golden hieroglyphs. As a rule, each such product carries a certain positive energy and affects the owner's life in different ways. To make sure that the chosen picture has exactly the meaning that is needed to achieve harmony, you should ask the seller what the hieroglyphs and symbols mean. Of course, such a panel does not always help the owner to achieve maximum success in the chosen field, because it is a so-called "stamped" product. However, it will not harm, giving the house light and favorable energy. If you hang a picture with a hieroglyph in a certain place, you can attract "qi" energy there. If there are doubts about the correct placement of such a panel, a place near the entrance door will be a win-win.
  • Many people place their diplomas and certificates in frames on the walls of their apartments. This will certainly help in reaching even greater heights. It is worth knowing that they must be hung in a certain place, in accordance with your plans. Each sector of the house is responsible for a separate field of activity. For example, in order to gain fame, it is necessary to place one's own diplomas in the southern part of the house or apartment, and for success in the educational field - in the eastern part. Feng shui experts also claim that the personal sector is an excellent place to place personal letters. To determine it, it is necessary to calculate the personal number of GUA and add one to it. With the help of such a simple method, success will come to the owner's life.
  • You should not place paintings depicting an odd number of objects in your private sector or in the southwestern part of the house. Do not hang them in bedrooms or recreation rooms. Couple drawings or photos of couples in love are more suitable for such places. Images of mountain landscapes can also be placed here.
  • In their bedroom, some parents put pictures of their children. In order not to harm your descendants, it is better not to hang such paintings in the southwest part of the room. In the northern part, you should not place images of the sunset, sunrise or products made in very bright orange tones.
  • Paintings depicting water, plants, trees (especially bamboo) are perfect for the eastern or southeastern sector. At the same time, it is better if they are embroidered or created on silk fabric.
  • If there is a desire to place a portrait of your family or individual photos of relatives, then it is best to do it in the eastern part of the house.
  • The western sector is ideal for children's portrait photography.
  • Images of mountains or land, as well as any coining, will be appropriate in the west or northwest sector of the house. Here you can also place landscapes with the moon, images of metal objects, banks, and large and notable objects.
  • If you want to place a map of the world or country in your room, it is best to choose a place for it in the northeast, northwest, or in the center.
  • According to the experts' conclusions, the best decoration of the bedroom will be paintings, the meaning of which according to feng shui gives inviolability and stability. To refresh already faded feelings between spouses, you can hang pictures of flowers. For example, peonies have a good effect on the love of couples.
  • It is not recommended to hang any images of water behind your back, especially this rule applies to offices, offices. It is best to place mountain landscapes here - they help to achieve stability.

    Спальня по фен шуй
  • Paintings that depict water in any form are unfavorable for the southern part of the house. It will conflict with heat energy.
  • You should not hang water landscapes at the head of your bed. Feng shui experts believe that it takes away energy from a sleeping person.
  • Regardless of which sector of the house the bedroom is located in, it is better not to place photos or paintings with one on its walls if you want to maintain a warm and serious relationship with your beloved (beloved). You should also not post images of identical couples here (girl with girl, man with man).
  • It happens that some important sectors are missing in the house. This problem is easily corrected with the help of perspective paintings. Landscapes that seem to lead somewhere in the distance (road, horizon or field) will be especially appropriate in this case.
  • It is worth paying attention to the frame in which the picture is hung. It must be different for each sector. For example, pictures in wooden frames should be hung in the eastern, southeastern or southern part of the house or room. They are sometimes painted green. Pictures in plaster frames are hung in the west, north-east, central and north-west. Metal or metal-tinged frames should be placed in the north-west, west or north.

You should know that a picture can bring one or another energy depending on how it got to the owner. If the product is received as a gift from a loved one, it will charge the house with positive thoughts and emotions. If the gift is made by a person you dislike, then the picture will be charged with negativity.

No one has the right to dictate which pictures to hang in their house. But compliance with the recommendations listed above will not be superfluous when arranging the interior. The main thing is to like the picture and give positive emotions. In the online store of amber products, you can buy paintings from the precious stone for every taste. To familiarize yourself with the company's offers, you should go to the catalog section on the pages of our website.

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