Becky helped us to understand how to keep a baby safe by eating healthily before the baby is born.  We found out that smoking can harm babies.  There are things in the home that can harm a baby such as bottles of bleach or laundry liquid capsules so we know to keep them away from a baby.  Becky helped us to understand not to leave a baby on their own in case they are hurt.  Becky reminded us not to leave cats and dogs alone with a baby and to remember to use stair gates to protect the baby from falling when the baby starts crawling.

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Thorplands Primary School joined the Northamption Primary Academies Trust on June 1st 2018. We work closely with NPAT to ensure continued high standards of values, behaviour and encourage everyone to go beyond the expected. This has become the school's mission statement: Work, Learn, Earn

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Principal: Madeline Dunckley
Thorplands Academy
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