The children have loved looking at our montage of Verona and images from Romeo and Juliet as they enter our Key Stage area.  We have been looking at mystery objects that arrived in a special trunk and wondering what they are and who they might belong to.  They had really good ideas and in groups we then went on to think about how we could describe Romeo and Juliet. 

Cooking this term has also been great fun and very tasty. We thought about food that you might eat in Italy and that Romeo and Juliet may have also eaten. We hope that the children will have a try at home with their families, now that they know how to make really great pizza with healthy option toppings.

We have been exploring how people might show their feelings when they meet someone they like or someone they dislike. 

We explored how we greeted each other. How did our faces look, change? How did our bodies move or change? 

We linked this to how family members or friends of The Capulet and Montague families may have felt when they met each other, maybe in the street or in the marketplace. 

" Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?" The children's first introduction to the text and language of Shakespeare!

That's one of the first questions we will be asking as our new theme for the term begins. We have been finding out about who William Shakespeare was and excited to start learning about one of his most famous plays.

We have begun some fun drama activities to help us work together as a class and begun adding these to our very own book about our learning journey. 

We also had a visitor to our outside area, just before Christmas. They were on the look out for something to eat but luckily as you can see they didn't find our daffodil bulbs, which have now started to grow. Although we are in the midst of winter, we know that spring will be coming next. 

The children also had a really fun session trying out their archery skills. The children listened to instructions and earned marbles in their jar and lots of House Points.

Well done Reception.

We were back to school, just before Halloween and we used our beautiful pumpkins and other natural objects to create some beautiful art work which we then photographed. 
When making her arrangement, Amelia-Rose says, "I've got pumkins at home because it's Halloween. This is a giant squash, let me put an apple next to it." 

Then it was time to celebrate Bonfire Night and learn about Guy Fawkes and why this event is remembered.

We were talking about fireworks and the children then explored a new technique where they splattered their paint from their brush onto the paper to create some amazing paintings. They then added glitter to create the sparkles. 

It made a great back drop for our new Let's Celebrate! working wall. 

We have also been learning about Diwali and explored using sand to create Rangoli patterns.

Our first topic has been, ' This is Me!' We have been talking about ourselves and what we are good at doing. This was added to our Working Wall and we found out that we are all good at different things. Here are some of the things the children said:

" I am good at weeding, picking up leaves, reading and numbers."
" I'm really good at doing my letter sounds and my numbers at home."
" I am good at painting ladybirds because I love painting."

Harvest Celebration was a team effort to refurbish Mr Scarecrow and the children performed The Mr Scarecrow song to the whole school: Very brave!

We have been planting a variety of bulbs, acorns, conkers and even bird seed, which has now started to grow!

Pumpkin Soup: A great seasonal story by Helen Cooper. We were able to work together to make a great pumpkin soup during our first cooking session. It got the thumbs up from one child and lots of request for " More please."

Autumn Term 2 is all about Celebrations. We will let you know soon, what we have been celebrating and what we have been learning about.

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