Let’s Celebrate!

In reception our theme is ‘Celebrations’ and there is a lot to celebrate this autumn term, not only in our reception class but across the country and sometimes in other parts the world too.

Our first big event is our whole school Harvest assembly. We will be learning about what it means to harvest different types of foods and about Harvest Celebrations and festivals.

Another celebration is Divali. What is Divali? What is the story behind it? Who celebrates Divali? How is Divali celebrated? Where is it celebrated? These are just some of the questions we will be finding out about, in our last week of term. Very exciting!


On Wednesday 4th October, reception class joined the whole school for our Harvest Assembly. The children were very excited to sing there song ‘Mr Scarecrow’ to everyone, including parents, who were able to come. We were so proud of them all, singing and joining in with the actions. Watch out Mr Birdie because Mr Scarecrow is coming for YOU!

As a treat in the afternoon we shared some lovely apples brought in for our Harvest celebration. We have saved some of the pips to see if we can try to grow some apple trees of our own. I wonder what will happen.

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